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Euripides once said, “Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.” 

I can still remember standing in front of the audition panel singing the first 4 bars of “Bridge over troubled waters”. I was dripping with sweat from the heat radiating out of the floodlights and my nerves were ripping apart my stomach.  Only 16 years old, I was auditioning for a music performance show on a major TV network.  After the fifth bar of the song the band suddenly stopped and the room fell dead silent. The producer of the show appeared out of nowhere, walked up to me and said “son you’re not ready for TV.”  I felt humiliated and crushed, but I was determined to fight on.  I knew this wasn’t the first obstacle I had dealt with and it certainly wouldn’t be the last as I was still very young and they must surely be right.


My family had been experienced lots of issues and I sadly had to leave my mum and life in Sri Lanka behind. Growing up as a kid in Sri Lanka I felt the closest to her and yet I was leaving her behind boarding a jumbo jet plane and migrating to the Land of Milk and Honey (Australia).

Looking back I remember my mum saying, "Dave are you listening to me.  I'm trying to talk to you.” I never heard a thing because as a young man and even still today I constantly had music playing in my head. It wasn’t just the songs but the chords, string lines and horn sections.  All of the notes were arranged in my head like a symphony. It was then that I realized that music was given to me as a gift.


Headed into the great unknown I was enrolled in a school where I encountered one of the worst experiences of my life. I was a little naïve, inexperienced unassuming boy who was subjected to constant bullying and despicable acts of racism and discrimination. I was unable to fight back or stand up for myself and after 4 long years of loneliness and without my mother to hold my hand, I felt abandoned and alone.  I found solace in music, took up where I left off and continued my classical training.  With very little schooling and a bleak looking future I began cultivating the magic I kept hearing from the music in my mind.  All of the negative things going on in my life only made me more determined to be a success with my music.


I went on to study Jazz at the Victorian College of Music and began to win awards in singing, songwriting and production.  I realized that my endurance and persistence became the key to finding my goals and reaching them.  I remember saying to someone who asked me what kept me going “I cannot give up the dream because the dream hasn’t given up on me” Whenever I hear great artists like Stevie Wonder or Bruno Mars perform they inspire me to dig into the magic of music that I hear inside my head and I want to give to the world and share some of that magical inspiration not just in music but in life in general. Life is meant to be enjoyed and people need to experience the magical gift of inspiration.


David Senn is an innovative singer, songwriter that creates magic meshing funk, 70s R&B, Latin and Pop sounds into fun, up-tempo, catchy songs with an “unprecedented amount of charisma and passion that his peers cannot contend with.”

Grown up as a kid in Sri-Lanka i managed to complete my piano exams at Trinity College. Migrated to Australia still as a kid I continued to foster piano but in the jazz stream at the Victorian College of Arts. 

I soon learned the art of writing and producing even winning prestigious song competitions which then led me to Berklee College which was one thing i really wanted to achieve in life. Here i completed my music certificate and many other competencies including , song writing, music mastering and many others. 

With my love for the technical side i now own and run my own mastering studio and continue to write and produce not only for myself but for others. 

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